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Aligning with your

Authentic Self and Purpose

A soul-based approach to reaching your full potential

I am excited to announce I am re-releasing the interviews from my


2021 Speaker Series

Aligning with your Authentic Self and Purpose

a soul-based approach to reaching your full potential.

Now is your chance to hear awesome interviews with gifted and brilliant speakers.

A new interview will be posted every Friday at 9 am! 

Ready to chat about how any of these topics can help you lead the authentic life you’re meant to lead?
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Marcy Neumann

Cultivating Self Love To Open Your Pathways For Trusting and Being Authentically YOU!

Jennifer Bloome

Stop Trying to Manifest Money (create a relationship instead)

Kristen Jenna

Connecting with the Universe

Beate Chelette

The Ego-RYTHM Concept

Susan McVea

Breakdown to Breakthrough: the leap of faith that turned into 6 figures+

Brenda Mailer

How to Be True to You to Create Meaningful Change

Renee Bauer

Happy Even After Divorce

Cindy Cipriani

Discover Clarity & Confidence in Times of Change

Leslie Trager

From Surviving to Thriving

Marla Williams

Discovering the True You by Listening to Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Marilyn Eagan

You Be You..... Self-care to Thrive in Authenticity!

Shirley Luu

Money Mindset: The financial game of life

Chris Castillo

The Tiny Steps for an Aligned Career

Jessica Megan Moyer

Managing Grief and Loss Through Self-Care & Purpose

Judy Herman, LPC-MHSP, NCC

3 Ways to Move from Chaos to Calm: How to Get Beyond Messy Relationship and into Your Vibrantly Authentic Life

Heather McGregor

How to CLAIM Your Abundant Soul-Led Life

Jill Brown

When You’re Truly You It’s Joyful, You’re as Unique as Your Thumbprint

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