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Aligning with your

Authentic Self and Purpose

A soul-based approach to reaching your full potential

I am excited to announce I am re-releasing the interviews from my


2021 Speaker Series

Aligning with your Authentic Self and Purpose

a soul-based approach to reaching your full potential.

Now is your chance to hear awesome interviews with gifted and brilliant speakers.

A new interview will be posted every Friday at 9 am! 

Ready to chat about how any of these topics can help you lead the authentic life you’re meant to lead?
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Marcy Neumann

Cultivating Self Love To Open Your Pathways For Trusting and Being Authentically YOU!

Jennifer Bloome

Stop Trying to Manifest Money (create a relationship instead)

Kristen Jenna

Connecting with the Universe

Beate Chelette

The Ego-RYTHM Concept

Brenda Mailer

How to Be True to You to Create Meaningful Change

Renee Bauer

Happy Even After Divorce

Cindy Cipriani

Discover Clarity & Confidence in Times of Change

Marla Williams

Discovering the True You by Listening to Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Marilyn Eagan

You Be You..... Self-care to Thrive in Authenticity!

Shirley Luu

Money Mindset: The financial game of life

Jessica Megan Moyer

Managing Grief and Loss Through Self-Care & Purpose

Judy Herman, LPC-MHSP, NCC

3 Ways to Move from Chaos to Calm: How to Get Beyond Messy Relationship and into Your Vibrantly Authentic Life

Heather McGregor

How to CLAIM Your Abundant Soul-Led Life

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