Learn to recognize self-sabotage and how to handle it.

Grow your confidence and own your offer

Master time management skills

Build and scale your business with automation

Break down fears that have you stuck

Learn to find inspiration and direction by being in your body

Prioritize growth of knowledge and skill sets

Marie Kondo the shit out of your business. 

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No templates

You are unique, therefore

your business is unique.

No 5K or 10K/month promises

Measure your success

by your own inner scorecard

~ Warren Buffet

No cookie-cutter or

one-size-fits-all advice

Advice should be tailored to who you are

and how you create, lead, and think.

No more feeling ‘less than’ when you don’t meet a goal. 

There is wisdom to be in the why.

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Hi, I am Beth Koritz,  Licensed Professional Counselor, a best-selling author, and a Clarity and Action Coach. 

There are many perks of owning your own business: freedom, autonomy, and doing what you love daily.

Whether you're setting up a new business, transitioning from being an employee to self-employed, or have a business that isn't as fulfilling or successful as you thought it would be, I am here to support you.


Creating a business can be daunting, running your business on your own can feel isolating. Maybe you have lots of ideas, but you're frozen, unsure where or how to begin. What do you prioritize first? How should you structure your days to get the most done? My 1:1 SAVVY coaching sessions can help you move forward with your ideas by giving you the time and space to get clear on your priorities and how to start implementing your goals step by step.

Creating and growing your business in alignment with your foundational authenticity means being seen by your ideal clients, connecting with them as naturally as you connect with your best friend, and enjoying every day you show up in your business.

It translates to having clarity in what's next for you and your business, acknowledging and breaking through fears that are holding you back, and setting goals and meeting them. It requires you to run your business from a place of love and compassion. Not just for your clients but for yourself as well.


I am here to help translate your authenticity into your business, gain clarity and perspective on what's currently holding you back, build confidence, and raise your vibration and motivation. 

I am here to help you...

Make your business Fun and Joyful 

Are You Ready To Experience...

The soul-led creation of your business?

The celebration of your authenticity being the foundation of your business?

The vibration that comes through your authenticity and the success it can generate?

Are you neuro-divergent?
I am.

What if you could stop the struggle and inner conflict you feel when you repeatedly try to do things your exec function can't handle. 

For me, it is writing posts and articles. I spent years working with different coaches. They all gave me templates that really did make it sound easy. I thought I could do this! 

But I couldn't. I would try, and my brain became a chaotic jungle. Then it just shut down.
Every time I tried, I was left feeling stupid and less than. Even worse, it destroyed my energetic alignment with my business for days at a time!

Then one night, I suddenly wondered if my ADHD was connected to this struggle. With one simple google search, I learned they were totally connected, and everything shifted for me. 

I learned it takes three different executive functions to write, and some of us with ADHD just can't have three executive functions running in our brains simultaneously.

After years of effort with different coaches,

I finally gave myself permission to just NOT do it. 

I felt validated and vindicated. It was such a relief to know that I wasn't at fault for not being able to do something others claimed was 'easy.' I was also upset (angry, if I'm being honest) at all of the coaches I had worked with in the past that saw me struggle with this for many months, always putting in the effort and failing. 


Not once did any of them stop to think, why is she having so much trouble with this? Does it have to do with the way she learns or the way she processes?

With this new insight, I began exploring other tasks in my business that my ADHD could be affecting, and I set out on a journey to find help and solutions for challenges created by neurodivergence. It could be different, tailormade systems, changing perspective, eliminating or outsourcing. 

This has made such a difference in the way I choose to run my business. I no longer have tasks that i dread because they hurt my brain. I enjoy what I do every day and I want to help you feel that way too!


“The highest measure of success in life comes by how many of the people you want to have love you actually do love you." Warren Buffet

Ready to be authentically aligned to your business?

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