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Fully embody your authenticity ~

Discover the soul of your business ~

Earn with Fire & Flow!

A business without authenticity & soul

is a job.

Before I went back to school at the age of 48 to get my master's degree in counseling, I had been a serial entrepreneur.

I had my 'real self' and my 'professional self'.

I worked balls to the walls 6-7 days a week because I thought that was what was required to be successful.

It wasn't until I allowed my authenticity to shine and my spiritual side out that my business reacted with the fire of joy and the success of flow.

Imagine a way where you can be comfortable as your true self, increase your income, take action with certainty, traverse your self-limiting beliefs

& fears and find joy each day as the Leader of your Business

That world exists and I'm excited to show you how being present in your authenticity and leading from your soul will elevate your results.

Welcome to Fire & Flow 

Authentic Soul-Led Business Growth

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What is an Authentically Run, Soul-Led Business?

When I first started my business I was a therapist with an 8 year old private practice. And while I had owned a few successful businesses in the past, this was my first effort at something that was going to be 100% virtual.

I had never had to rely on online marketing or technology to grow any of my former companies.


Being an adept business person, I had plans and strategies that I thought could help me reach my goals.

Of course, I soon realized traditional business practices are not beneficial in a virtual business.

So, I hired a coach. I spent a year studying & implementing all of her materials, videos and worksheets. I filled three 4" binders with to-do lists, scripts and worksheets. But, I had become a parrot, duplicating what business leaders 'should' do and say.  Success didn't come and I felt no joy in my work.

I was always anxious going live or recording modules for my program. Was my hair, wardrobe, make-up right? Was my script perfect? Did a stumble over a word? I would spend two hours recording 5 minutes of content.

I was stiff and awkward and I was blocking myself from growing because I didn't enjoy what I was told would have to be done to attain success.

My physical and spiritual energy were flat-lining along with my business growth

But I knew I was a coach and I was helping my few clients change their lives.

In that I had unwavering certainty.

I began spending time soul-searching, getting quiet, asking myself how I could turn this around.

I had to make this fun, stop thinking that working long hard hours was the ticket.

It was time to say "fuck it!" and show the world the real me.

I took the strategy I had been successfully using with therapy clients for years and used it myself.

I diminished my fears and limiting beliefs to a point where I could walk through them.

I  fully incorporating everything I knew about energy and chose to show up as the truest version of me.

That is when everything changed!

I was now in full alignment with my business and

my business was in full alignment with me!

I began attracting my ideal clients. I stopped following 'their' templates of what I 'should be doing.

I began having fun creating posts & going live on FB.

My favorite thing (other than working with my clients) became and remains meeting

prospective clients on free clarity calls.

I have so much fun making those connections and helping people.

It excites me, which leads to the energy I'm putting out attracting more ideal clients.

There is a wonderful energetic pattern to it all

Discover the authenticity & soul of your

business with Fire & Flow!

I want to help you identify all of the wonderful traits of your authenticity and lead from the soul of your business.


  • Fearlessly share the most authentic you - without concern over what others may think 

  • Communicate your message with Fire - the sparks finding & attracting your ideal clients

  • Create more content in Flow - the language to attract new clients comes effortlessly

  • Take your business to the next level - attracting collaborations and expanding your tribe

  • Earn more with ease - the rituals you create in this course and the state of openness you will experience attract new and surprising ways to monetize your talents

7 Fire and Flow Workshops

1. Fully embody your authenticity - the reason why you're not fully owning it yet, is because you don't have clarity on everything you are (qualities, passions, purpose). We've all been brainwashed. into believing what we do is who we are.

2. Be the Sovereign in your business - take full responsibility for your desires and outcomes in your life, and business. Own your choices to uphold your vision and be unwavering in your commitment. 

3. Activate your inner powers - increase your self-awareness, spotlight your shadows to get out of your own way, and cultivate resilience and hope using practical steps & rituals.

4. Harness the power of communication - with yourself (intuition/critical inner voice) and others. Find comfort & strength knowing you'll never have another confrontational conversation.

5. Connecting from your soul - build rapport with your tribe through compassion, self-love, vulnerability, and spirituality.

6. Access limitless energy - create rituals that lead to consistent ideas for programs and content. Identify and plug energy leaks for consistent forward momentum.

7. Embrace the 9 best practices in a successful soul-led business. Customize them for your business in order to do what you love and love what you do all while creating an ever-growing income.

Details & Bonuses

  • 7 - Weekly 60-90 minute zoom calls  Wednesdays @ 11:00 a.m. CDT, beginning March            
             I will stay on the call for an additional hour so 
              you'll never  leave  a call without  answers to all of your 
  • 1 Integration week - T0 be used to put what you've
              learned in to action. It can also be used for your hour of
              private coaching
  • 2 Hours of 1:1 private coaching                  
           ~ 30 minutes prior to the group start date for you to share
                    your  goals and  for me to help you achieve them
             ~ 60 minutes at any time during the  7-week group for you
                   to get additional private coaching to help you reach
                  your  goals       
            ~ 30 minutes prior to the group start date for you to share your                        goals and for me to help you achieve them
  • Unlimited Support for the duration of the group.
  • Private FB group -  You will also be invited to join my  Fire & Flow  ~ Growing your business with authenticity & soul community. This is a private platform for members to share their journeys, wins & challenges. If you love running your business with soul and authenticity, you'll love this group. 
  • Homework & worksheets - to make the most of your time between meetings
  • Bonus Content - business strategies and resources on what it takes behind the scenes to run your business including set-up, admin, time management, marketing, organization, outsourcing, and much more!
That is 14- 16 direct contact hours
PLUS unlimited support 
Price $1555
(can be split into two payments, one at the time of registration and the second three weeks later)
FIRE FLOW_edited.jpg

This course is for you if you are ready to be open, and honest exploring your authenticity, and be vulnerable showing up as the real you in your business.



Working with Beth has been the best investment for me. I have grown, I have created rituals and practices for myself, I have new tools in my toolbox, and through it all I've had her unlimited support. With each session, I leave lighter and with new perspectives. Beth’s coaching is invaluable. I thank the universe for connecting us. I highly recommend working with her!”

-Taylor A

“I can't believe how quickly I changed the way I saw myself.  I am more comfortable in my skin than I've ever been and showing up in my business as the real me has been fun and freeing. Not to mention, a game changer! Beth helped me love what I'm doing again.” 

- Laura S.

For the first time, I really feel like a am playing an active role in my life, in my body, and in my business. 

Before I felt like I was going through the motions I was 'supposed' to go through.

Beth is like a laser when it comes to seeing how to integrate the real me with my business.  

If you want things to change, start working with her today.

-Gloria Z

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