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Hi, I'm Beth

It’s time to eliminate all of the shoulds

that make you feel yucky!

The should’s that you’ve been told are must’s

Throw out the templates and newest formulas that are always changing, draining your energy, and don’t produce your desired results. 


Attract your ideal clients simply through 

 the authenticity you are putting out into the world and watch your profits grow.


The shoulds that don’t need to be done (outsourcing is magical!), 

or done the way you’ve been taught

Create new systems and thought patterns for the tasks that must be done 

that used to drain your energy.


The should’s that don’t need to be done at all!

Have more energy and time for the things you enjoy, 

like connecting one on one with your ideal clients.


I’ve been where you are. I was on the ‘should’ train for years. 

Keeping all of the balls in the air feels exhausting and fruitless.

I knew something had to change!

Starting Soon

Price: $1800

Can be split into two payments

You’ve got your
morning mug, 

You’re stressing over your to-do list that has become multiple lists in multiple places.  You’re staring at your screen, frozen, not knowing where to start.

I have been there too. Many times.

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  • I have spent thousands of dollars on coaches, who often contradict one another on what ‘should’

       be done. 


  • I’ve gone in one direction and then another, rebranding and doubting myself again and again.  


  • I spent so much time being what I thought people would want me to look like and behave like as a successful coach.​


It was all exhausting, 


I never felt comfortable with any of it. Not comfortable in my skin. Not comfortable with what I was putting out for all to see. Not comfortable trying to be who I thought I SHOULD be.


I shouldn’t have been surprised that none of that effort helped make my business successful.


Then one day I realized that I fully embodied my authenticity in my personal life. 

Why was I not being just as authentic in my professional life?


And that was the moment everything changed!


It completely changed the way I looked at and felt about my business. 

🔥 It changed the way I presented myself.

🔥 I began attracting more and more clients with much less effort.

🔥 I was enjoying my business and my bottom line grew!

Every day felt exciting and I felt comfortable in my skin, working to grow what I had created!

Get More Ideal Clients


Make More Money Doing What You Love!


What if we made your business
fun* again for you?
*and profitable  - hell yes!

In order to be successful,
we have all been taught that we should:

  • Present ourselves in the best light

  • Post gazillion times/month across platforms & stories & lives &...

  • Create engaging, educating, visually pleasing, clever but serious content

  • Meditate at least 30 min/day AND journal another 30 min/day

  • and on and on and on

Let's get real,
this is NOT what drives success!

In fact, it's who you are that attracts your audience to you and converts them into clients.

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Be completely tapped into your authentic self and weave it into the fiber of your business.


Enjoy creating heart-led content that grabs the attention of your ideal client with your excitement, genius & authenticity. 


Experience greater profits while followers happily enroll as clients because you have authentic confidence in your offer and your ability to deliver.


Feel the energy of owning a simplified business where you spend time on the tasks you enjoy and more freedom with the ones you don’t enjoy.


Create the life you desire knowing your business is set up to work for you, even when you’re not working it.

With The SHATTER The SHOULD'S System

you will create, a deeper connection to your community,

increased profits,

and more joy in your business

Sound exciting? Then keep reading. 


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Lynn Merves

 I would recommend Beth as a coach to anyone that needs help finding clarity and support when you are feeling “stuck” in your business and personal life as well.


Kim Schneider

Beth is an innovative thinker who is able to see strategies and potential that others don't see.

Beth will help you find the untapped potential in your business and your gifts.

Are You Ready to Shatter the Shoulds?

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